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Set yourself up for ease and flow within your business with automated processes that attract YOUR people in your sleep

Program Details

  • Over 80 detailed and easy to follow video modules teaching business, marketing and automation skills, designed for the absolute beginner
  • No upsells, or additinal fees ever

  • Sell the course as your first digital product if you choose, with master resell rights, earning 100% profit
  • Free community access with mentorship and weekly training calls

This program is for…

Professionals who want to launch into the digital marketing space but do not have a product.

Entrepreneurs with a digital product that want to learn how to market their existing product

Aspiring entrepreneurs pursuing the inspiration and tools they need to start a complete digital marketing business from scratch

Learn a HIGH PAYING skill with a complete digital product that you can sell TODAY.

Take a look at the full program content:

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Intro and overview of the course and digital marketing

How to Build Your Own Branded Sales Process

This course teaches you everything you need to know about branding yourself (or your existing business if you have one) and how to build a successful sales process, including funnels that will target and convert your ideal customers

Email Marketing

Learn how to create an effective email marketing campaign that will not only engage your subscribers, but convert them to happy customers! You'll learn how to design, personalize and automate your emails, and check your analytics so you can see what's working!

Branding Expansion

learn how to develop and execute a strong branding strategy. Create your own personal brand and build STRONG rapport with your leads, customers and your social media community. You will learn how to effectively comunicate your brand's purpose across all channels.

Business Tools

You'll be introduced to all of the tools you need that will help you SIMPLIFY and effectively run your business. Bonus- All of them, are free tools!

Content Strategies for Social Media Channels

learn how to target people who want what you're selling and create content that speaks directly to them, so you can successfully market your business.

Platforms to Market On

You'll learn how to create beautiful and engaging content for Facebook, Instagram Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, etc. and to build a following from the scratch, increase your engagement, and drive traffic to your site (let social media fully automate your sales process so you can collect leads in your sleep!)


Google hacks, Ultimate content vault, Chat GPT masterclass and more being updated always.

Free Community

Attend workshops, ask questions, get inspiration from others taking the course


What exactly is this course?

This course is a comprehensive digital marketing course that teaches you everything you need to know to market yourself/business from scratch, that comes with master resale rights, which means you can download the modules and sell the course for 100% profit.

Do I have to sell the product or can I just take the course?

No. If you already have a product/business of your own, you will learn how to market that product as you apply what you learn to your own products and create your own system.

What is included in my purchase?

You will get instant access to over 80 modules of extensive but easy to follow content on all things digital marketing. Additionally, you will get access to a community of entreprenuers that are also on this journey, complete with weekly training calls to help you succeed

How does 100% profit to me work?

This course comes with true master resell rights, which means that not only does the course teach you how to market your own digital products, the course itself can be your first sellable digitle product, and you collect 100% of the profits. You download the course, and each sale you make, the payment goes straight to you.

Are there any hidden fees or monthly charges?

No hidden fees, upsells, or monthly charges. You get access to download the files, that are yours to keep, and sell.



I have been in the digital space for 8 months...struggling! Until this course!!! This course is such a treasure chest of information that it is worth every penny!!! It is so wonderful to have the community and support that is offered here...at no extra cost! Now I have my business up and running and feel more confident about my marketing journey that ever before!!!



"$12,922 in 10 days- I didn’t know if this would really work or if it was even something people would want, all i knew was that *i* wanted it and wanted to learn the skills to make a course successful!! (I plan on creating one soon) turns out, this course is in demand and all those ladies on IG reels weren’t lying. 😂

My tips: COMMIT to 2 reels per day. I have 970+ leads in my funnel from JUST REELS ALONE! I haven’t run one single ad yet and probably never will. (Well, never say never i guess haha) 1 entertaining reel to connect with your current audience and gain more followers who like the same things as you, and 1 reel about this course!"


About me

Hi I'm Sarah– a homeschooling mom driven by the exhilarating prospect of crafting network marketing systems that replicate effortlessly, granting me the ultimate gift of genuine time and location freedom. My enthusiasm stems from a profound desire to assist fellow mothers in achieving holistic well-being and financial prosperity. With an unwavering passion for nurturing health and wealth, I am dedicated to not only revolutionizing my own journey but also guiding and uplifting moms like you. Together, let's embark on a transformative path towards harmonizing family, success, and the true essence of freedom.